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Gasflip now has its own television network, Gasflip TV, available on Roku.  Our Roku channels allow us to share with you our experience as we develop a worldwide metaverse.


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Our primary service is a Metaverse created for Virtual Reality. We are one of the first Metaverse companies to develop our world specifically for VR Technology. 

Goods and Services within our Metaverse are represented by NFTs. Gasflip is developing an exclusive  Marketplace. We offer NFT minting services and NFT sales for users that want to start their online business in our Metaverse or on our web front. 

Dodona Cryptocurrency (DDVR) is the primary form of In-Metaverse money. Gasflip is also developing exciting VR Visualization Services for Cryptocurrency Trading inside our Metaverse.

Gasflip has the technology and expertise to help you bring your business into our virtual reality Metaverse. We offer Digital Twin services to users who want want to bring a business or special place into our Metaverse Reality.

Gas City is the first virtual mega-city. There are countless advertising options for users who want to draw virtual tourism or human avatars into their business.  You can rent Signs, Billboards, Wall Art, and even Airships to help bring your business messaging to life in our Metaverse.

Gasflip's Metaverse "Gasland" has virtual property available for purchase or rent. Environments range from Gas City's Towers and Offices to more rural and wilderness settings. We also feature property sales in our special Themed lands, such as the Zombie Apocolypse, or in the world of Vostok.

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Gasflip Ecosystem

Here are some of the ways to enjoy Gasflip's VR 

Our Team

I'm a paragraph. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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Luxury Virtual Living

Buy a Luxury Apartment, Condo, or Home in our Metaverse. Start an online business in our upcoming Mall

VR Recreation 

Shop, play games, or operate your own VR store in the Metaverse

Virtual Reality Gaming Centers 

Come to our grand opening of our Traffic Jam VR Gaming Center (coming soon)

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Own Metaverse Property 

Play our VR Games

Open a Business in our Shopping Mall

Come to our Gaming Centers in DFW area


Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general.

What is Gasflip Inc. do?

Gasflip is creating the first fully Virtual Reality Metaverse that allows you to buy or rent property, create a business, or digitally twin your favorite places in our Megacity "Gas City."  Metaverse is designed for VR Experiences but it will be fully compatible with all the 2D technologies like phones and computer monitors. Gas City is the first zone we are creating for users to fully experience our Metaverse, but in time additional worlds will become available.

What is Dodona or DDVR?

Dodona (DDVR) is the primary form of digital currency in our Metaverse, although where possible other forms of cryptocurrency will also be available as a means of payment. DDVR is an ERC20 utility token derived from the Ethereum blockchain. In time "Dodona" will be purchasable on Pancakeswap or other exchanges, and will also be awarded for doing certain missions or quests within our Metaverse.

Is it possible to create my own NFTs?

Yes. Gasflip Inc. can also assist you in creating NFTs or selling them on our Marketplace. NFTs can also be sold "in-metaverse" at virtual stores and shops. There will be an in-game NFT service to assist you in creating NFT content within our Metaverse.

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